House Of Hazards

---Player 1---

[A][D] - Move / Change hazard selection
[W] - Jump
[S] - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard

---Player 2---
[J], [L] - Move / Change hazard selection
[I] - Jump [K] - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard

---Player 3-4 Controls (Gamepad)---
[Left stick] - Move / Change hazard selection
[Button south] - Jump
[Button east] - Crouch / Grab player / Activate hazard
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G-Switch 3

House Of Hazards : Game Description

House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards is a unique local multiplayer game with a very interesting gameplay, lovely graphics and a really funny levels. In this game the players have to complete different tasks in the house full of hazards. The game has a local multiplayer mode and this means that several people can play this game together from the same PC. The controls for all players are available below but keep in mind that if more than 3 players are willing to play it, you will need gamepad. At the beginning of the game you can complete the simple tutorial mode where you will understand how to deal with hazards, how to overcome them or even control. Believe me, a lot of fun is waiting for you in this awesome game. The graphics of the House Of Hazards is pretty nice and you can even enjoy it on your smartphones. More about the gameplay can be found below.

How To Play House Of Hazards?

In fact, the main goal of the player is to leave the house full of hazards but you will have co complete special tasks meanwhile. For example, the most simple tasks are : check the mailbox, water the flowers or just make a coffee. You will have to overcome different hidden traps and hazards to achieve your goal. Sometimes you can play in position of causing the hazards and turn the life of your housemates into nightmare. You can control the hazards, for example drop lights on the heads of other people, fire taps and so on. The game is very interesting and I am sure you will discover a lot of wonderful things to enjoy in House Of Hazards game.

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